We make custom patches wth hookside backing with any lettering, color and size combinations, including department and special units.
We can customize any patch with subdued colors.

Hookside backing is both glued and sewn for permanent bond.

FRONT PATCHES   4 1/2" x 1 1/2"

P-23CVC Police white black

P-23FVC Police black OD

P-23VC Police gold black

XA 1269 Police black tan

XA 1265 Police black smoke green

S-49EVC Sheriff white black

S-49CVC Sheriff black OD

S-49AVC Sheriff gold black

XA1271 Sheriff black tan

XA1264 Sheriff gray black

XA1267 Sheriff black smoke green

S-49GVC Sheriff gold OD

Blank soft hookside backing to match (41/2" x 11/2") Item #VC4.5


XA1273 Police white black

XA1275 Police black OD

XA1277 Police gold black

XA1272 Sheriff white black

XA1274 Sheriff black OD

XA1276 Sheriff gold black

Blank soft hookside backing to match (7" x 3") Item #VC47

BACK PATCHES   10" x 4"

RI2499 Police white black

RI2500 Police black OD

RI2498 Police gold black

XA1268 Police black tan

WK1299 Police black smoke green

VJ2169 Sheriff white black

S-503AVC Sheriff black OD

RI2481 Sheriff gold black

XA1263 Sheriff gray black

XA1266 Sheriff black OD

Blank soft hookside backing to match (10" x 4") Item #VC410

BACK PATCHES   11" x 6"

BC-44CVC Police white black

BC-44DVC Police black OD

BC-44LVC Police gold black

SG 2508 Sheriff white black

BC-45VC Sheriff black OD

BC-45AAVC Sheriff gold black

BC-45BVC Sheriff gold OD gold



Blank soft hookside backing to match (11" x 6") Item #VC116

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