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How Embroidered Patches Are Made

How Embroidered Patches Are Made

Our patches are made to the highest standards which enables us to stand behind them with a 100% satisfaction guarantee.


Free Patch Design Services

Digitizing – Skilled artisans using the latest digitizing software put finalized art into a format that is read by an embroidery machine. It is the skill of the digitizer that determines the look and quality of the embroidery.

Sample Patch from Patch Supply

Embroidery is done on modern 20 head machines on sheets of twill material.

Using Heat and Pressure to Bond PVC backing

Quality Checking – After the backing is applied the embroidery on the material is inspected. Loose threads are trimmed. Defects are rejected.

Unfinished Patches Cut By Hand or Laser Cutting Machine

Merrowed borders are applied to patch by hand with special merrowing machine.

Satin Stitch borders are embroidered into the patch. After embroidery, borders are cut to the shape of the design with a hot knife or laser cutting machine.

Patch Design and Art – Starting with good art helps to ensure a smooth process. We offer our customers free patch design services if needed. In many cases art that we receive is rough or needs to be modified to look the best with embroidery.

Digitizer's Skill Determines Embroidery's Look & Quality

Sample – Prior to production, a sample is sewn out, scanned and sent to customer for approval.

Modern 20-Head Machines Embroider on Sheets of Twill Material

Backing – After embroidery is complete, uncut material is fed through a machine that uses heat and pressure to bond PVC backing to the material. While PVC is most common, other available backings are heat seal, hookside backing and sticky backs.

Embroidery Material is Inspected & Loose Threads Trimmed

Unfinished patches are cut from material by hand or with a laser cutting machine.

Merrowed Borders Applied by Hand with Special Merrowing MachineAfter Embroidery, Borders are Cut with a Hot Knife or Laser Cutting Machine

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